PRO-200A ATEX | Pneumatic Mag Drill


Heavy Duty ATEX Pneumatic Drilling Machine designed for outdoor or indoor work in multiple industries such as Offshore, Mining, Energy, Shipbuilding, maintenance etc.

Core drill
max 200 mm (7.87”)
Twist drill
max 45 mm (1.77”)
Thread cutting
Depth of cut
up to 100 mm (4”)
400 mm (15.75”)
Motor speed
(under load)
20, 80 rpm
Motor power
3650 W
130 kg

Key features

PRO 200 ATEX conforms to ATEX II 2 G/D c IIC T6/T4 Standard for equipment used in hazardous environments. Our ATEX-compliant drills conforms to the highest requirements for tools used in explosion hazardous environments in accordance with norm IM2cXII2GDcIICT6 (80°C) X.

  • pneumatic motor and permanent magnetic bases eliminate the need of electric power supply
  • intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres
  • heavy-duty pneumatic motor
  • strong permanent magnets
  • ATEX certified drill protection against accidental motor activation
  • self-locking devices prevent any incidental deactivation of the permanent magnets
  • cross slide system for precise
  • hole center locations

No accidental motor activation possible. Operator must simultaneously press the button at the base of the lever and turn the valve lever until it stops, to enable motor start-up

Permanent magnets need no power supply from the mains. A self-locking device prevents any possible accidental movement of the handle and deactivation of the magnet.

Base with permanent magnets can be adapted to a workpiece curvature

Milling up to 200mm (7-7/8”)

Drilling up to 45mm (1-3/4”)

Tapping up to M48

Vitesse du moteur (en charge)
370 tr / min (pour 230 V); 350 tr / min (pour 115 V)
Puissance du moteur : 920 W
Capacité de perçage maximale
36 mm (1 7/16")
Capacité de forage maximale12 mm (1/2 '')
Diamètre minimum pour l'usinage interne des trous
ca 35 mm (1.38")
Fraisage max
40 mm (1 9/16")
Course39 mm (1-1 / 2'')
Tension:1 ~ 110-120 V, 50-60 Hz

1 ~ 220-240 V, 50-60 Hz
Consommation électrique:1000 W
Dimensions de la base de l'aimant90 x 180 x 38,5 mm;

3-9 / 16 x 7-1 / 16 x 1-1 / 2 (")
Epaisseur minimum de la pièce à percer6 mm (1/4")
Broche19 mm (3/4 ") Weldon


Make sure you are familiar with Promotech PRO-200A ATEX Heavy Duty Pneumatic Mag Drill brochure including technical data and detailed information about this product. Should you have any further questions we encourage you to send us an enquiry.

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Heavy Duty ATEX Pneumatic Drilling Machine

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